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Public Access Testing, while not required by law, provides you with a baseline of where your dog is in regards to being ready for the big wide world of service work.

The PAWsitive Partners Public Access Test combines aspects of the most commonly used ADI test with additional categories covering emergency/first responder teams (in the event of a medical emergency), metal detector protocol (courthouses/airports), crowded events like fairs/sporting events, removal from handler, animal farms/zoos and more.

Not all aspects will be required by every handler and we can certainly discuss any modification you need to the general test.

The test takes an average of between 3-5 hours to complete (depending on the specifics of the team) including a meal at a restaurant and at least 6 locations.

Getting to the initial meet up point is the responsibility of the handler but we can travel together from there.

The cost of the test is for the test itself (does not incl any additional expenses such as meal price, public transportation costs or similar).  This includes written and video documentation for your training records.


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